Things to do Today

Today is Tuesday, which means we made it through Monday!!!!  Today is the last day of September and that means the craziness starts tomorrow.  I need to get my life in order TODAY!  Hahaha…that won’t happen!

Yesterday, I wanted to get done with these things:
Fitness– Yoga class with hubby (done!)
House– Get comforter ordered (not done…wondering if I should spend the money)Cleaning– Scan documents for 15 minutes and do one load of laundry (not done…was only home for about 30 minutes before I went to bed)
Learning– Look up culinary classes at the local community college (done…seems like a reasonably priced way to learn to cook)
Relationships– Call my Mom (donish..he didn’t answer and then she called me back just as I was heading to yoga so I didn’t answer)
Money– Go grocery shopping (not done…simply didn’t have time)
Treasurer– Deposit checks (done!)

Today, I want to accomplish these personal tasks:
Fitness– Get yoga mat
House– Get comforter ordered, screw the money
Cleaning– Do one load of laundry
Learning– Look up how to apply for community college
Relationships– Call my Mom again, email Sara, text Megan
Money– Go grocery shopping
Treasurer– Get petty cash, get spoons, transfer funds between accounts

So here is my plan:
I woke up early so I am doing a load of laundry right now before work.  I am going to order the comforter right now. During lunch I can go get the yoga mat, spoons, petty cash and text Megan.  After work, I can email Sara and call Mom.  After my Treasurer duties tonight, I can go grocery shopping and transfer funds between accounts.  Today is going to be a busy day!  I sure wish there were one more day in September!

Well anyway, here’s to getting crap done!  Cheers!